Sunday, February 8, 2009

it is written

I spent my first full day as a 26 year old eating, sleeping, and going to Target. Last night I had a kickass time partying like a rockstar . . . but I think my liver and digestive system will be glad when I return to "office monkey" life tomorrow.

I would like to share my birthday horoscope from British Glamour:

Your Month:
A lunar eclipse on the 9th means and end of a chapter in your life in the five days on either side of that date, or in the coming weeks after. But if one thing is coming to an end (it could mean curtains for an annoying problem), something else is beginning. After the 5th you have energy plant Mars in your sign, so get proactive about eliminating anything that's past its sell-by date -- or starting something afresh.

Your Year:
The coming year has the potential to be incredibly healing as you get a major chance to lay ghosts to rest. Whether you were bullied at school, grew up with body issues or have insecurities about live, you can end that pattern for good. And it's a relationship that helps you do it. Arguments flare up in December, but keep your cool and they'll be sorted in time for the party season.

Ch-ch-ch-changes! I've already been feeling like this is a total "power" year for me, and its nice to have the goofy astrology page of a fashion mag confirm it! Apparently in the next 5 days . . . or weeks . . . I'll be having some sort of major change. Layoff? Lottery win? Will this blog be picked up for national sydication? I guess we'll all just have to stay tuned to find out . . .

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