Thursday, December 3, 2009

december will be magic

we have reached the end of the year! sort of!

december is upon us, folks. i know this because my little corner of east cambridge is suddenly a-glow with christmas lights. this makes me happy. i'm a sucker for tacky holiday decorations.

what a wacky year it has been! i know there are still technically 28 days left in 2009, but i can't help but look back at where i was 11 months ago.

let's bust out the Completely Achievable Goals for 2009 list, shall we?

1. Wear eyeliner every day
not sure i fulfilled my eyeliner obligations. there were definitely some lazy days where i didn't even brush my hair. does wearing yesterday's eye make-up count?

2. Read a book
yes! for evidence of my ability to read, check out my Goodreads page.

3. Gain 100 pounds and apply to be a contestant on The Biggest Loser . . or, just stop dieting
oh man. my weird eating issues were all over the map this year. i did, for awhile, stop dieting . . . and then i got laid off and packed on some shame-eating pounds. not quite biggest loser proportions, though. i continue to try to be less neurotic about my weight . . . but this monkey on my back is just so damn cute! until it tries to tear my face off, that is.

4. Do dishes with some semblance of regularity
eh. like eyeliner -- there were lazy /busy days where the dishes sat in the sink overnite. there are no dishes in my sink right now though -- so lets call it victory! sort of.

5. Reach "Expert" level drumming for at least one Rock Band song
i've reached "Medium" level on a few Rock Band songs. laaaaame. but i fully intend to start a real Rock Band in the coming year, drumming skillz or not. so get ready.

6. Stay up later
check! now that i have no job, u will find me up all nite!

7. Shop more
lol -- i was doin' damn good with this until -- oh right! -- i got laid off. i'm beginning to see a theme here . . .

8. Be unapologetically proud of my tv watching and pop-culture obsessions
was this ever *not* true? obviously i'm a pop-culture whore. loud and proud!

9. Go to the beach


it's funny to review where my mind was in january, as compared to now. i was so focused on the minutiae of my day to day existence, because so much of my time was eaten away by work. being banished from the cube has definitely given me perspective. i don't think i ever would have had the time / motivation to apply to graduate school if i'd still been locked away in my Corporate Dungeon. i think i've figured out a very big part of what i'm looking to do with my life, career-wise. 2010 will be all about putting the plans into action . . . assuming i get accepted to Librarian School. fingers crossed!

but we've still got all of December to go before tackling a whole new decade! i plan to live out the rest of this year just enjoying every moment as it comes. no dwelling on the events of the past 11 months, no freaking about what lies ahead. its the holiday season, goddamnit! and for the first time in a very long time, i feel like i have the opportunity to breathe and actually enjoy the festiveness.

so let's try for a Merry December, people!