Monday, April 13, 2009

happiness is . . . a tiny pig

I defy you to watch this and hate your life:

Last week, I was pretty sure I needed Prozac. Then I remembered this amazingly wonderful pig video I found one rainy afternoon at the office. I know its the type of thing your mom would send in a forwarded email message . . . in fact, I think the website I found it on labeled it "Forward This To Your Mom" . . . but something about this tiny pig just makes me so . . . happy. I need to find a way to download this video to my ipod so I can just whip it out and watch it whenever shit is hitting the fan. Trapped on a disabled MBTA bus? Don't worry -- pig is here! Waiting to hear your blood test results? Let pig keep you company! Being held hostage by pirates? Share this pig video with them! Nothing brings together pirates and Navy SEALs like a tiny pig at the beach. It's true.

Better yet -- where can I get a pig like this of my very own? Waking up to that tiny little face and that murderously adorable squealing everyday . . . that would make my life so much better. Some people want babies . . . some people want houses . . . I just want a teacup-sized pot bellied pig.

Sigh. A girl can dream.

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  1. thank you for posting this! i saw this awhile ago and was just... delighted. toooo cute!