Tuesday, March 3, 2009

no joke

I have trouble taking things seriously. This has, at times, been problematic. I was always the girl shaking with silent laughter in church. I joke about people’s personal issues that they find . . . not funny. I snicker during tragic, sometimes Holocaust-themed movies.

My sass-mouth is at times a curse, yes. But it can also be a blessing.

Who likes making up ridiculous lyrics to cheesy pop-songs to express her displeasure during the working day? Who can help lighten the mood at a wake / shotgun wedding / tearful college-move-in-day scene? Who’s a good time on long-ass car trips? If you guessed me – you know me well! Too well. Quit stalking me.

Anyway – the point is, I love laughing, and making other people laugh, and laughing along with others even when I don’t know what they’re laughing at. I figure the time has come to take this passion to the streets, people. So I am here to announce that March is officially Comedy Month!

I have signed up for a Stand Up Comedy Class at the Boston Center for Adult Education. I figure the class will either be a peek into the wonderful world of comedy . . . or a room full of weird, desperate social-outcasts that I can heckle. It’s a win-win situation. Aaaaannnd . . . for the final class, everyone gets up and does a five minute routine. I’m hoping “how to tell a mildly amusing story without cracking yourself up” is part of the syllabus.

My foray into the world of stand-up starts 2 days after I return from a Family Vacation! Team Guarie is hittin’ the road together, all four of us, for the first time since . . . well, since Golden Girls went off the air. We’re going down to visit my grandparents in Tropical Paradise. I am beyond excited to escape the snow and luxuriate on a trip not limited by my usual shoestring budget. No “leftover-hostel-baguettes-eaten-in-an-alleyway” dinnahs on this vaycay people – we’re goin’ First Class, Grandparent Style! Homecooked meals and heated swimming pools! Boats! Dolphins! Potentially dangerous watersports! My heart is *singing*!

This trip is obviously ripe for much hilarity. Will my mother behave like an autistic five-year-old on the plane, as she often does? Is my brother really only going to communicate with us via text message for the entire week? Will Papa G break another limb?? How hard is it to get a manatee to bite you?

I will have answers to all of these questions in just a few short days. I’m hoping I’ll be able to blog from FL, so stay tuned for more “Tea: Live from the Tropics!” action.

And don’t forget to tip your waitress! Thank you! Good night!

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  1. hahahaha love the last sentence :P can't wait to hear how the class goes!! :)