Thursday, March 19, 2009

she's baaaack

Did you miss me, blogland? Because I sure did miss you! Not enough to spend $10 for an hour of Tropical wifi - but you were in my thoughts nonetheless.

It's back to reality after a week of fun and sun. I can't wait to retire! Only 40 years to go . . . assuming I'm not felled by skin cancer before the age of 65. As my use of sunblock is cursory at best, my retirement future is still up in the air. Whatever - I live fast.

Life was not particularly fast last week, though. Life involved a lot of lying around in the sun, admiring birds and enjoying the sound of breezes in the palm trees. No lie. My grandma kept us well-stocked in chocolate mints and snack mixes, while my grandpa plied us with rum.

And, as often happens when I am surrounded by members of The Greatest Generation, I learned things on this trip. Little gems of life wisdom that I will glad share with you, blog readers:

If your father tricks you into touching this prickly cactus, you can remove the spines from your hand with tape and / or a nail file.

Hush puppies contain neither hush, nor puppy.

This is what dolphin sex looks like:

Sigh. I vow to someday live a life filled with rum, sun, and plenty of dolphin sex. But now, its back to the Beantown grind. At least there's bound to be laughter ahead!

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