Wednesday, July 22, 2009

i'm on a BOAT

No, fo' reals:

That's me on a boat. A free boat, no less! My month of thrift is turning out to be a huge success, people! Who knew?!

My friend Chelsee's pal, Sara, is an intern for Yelp. I've met her a couple times and helped out at a past Yelp event -- so when Yelp sponsored this Boston Harbor Booze Cruise for Elite Yelpers, I managed to weasel my way onto the list! I seriously need to up my yelp review quota, because these free events for elite yelpers are rockin!

The night featured free cocktails from Maker's Mark and Malibu Rum, free beer (Miller 64), a full buffet and chocolate fountain for dessert, and this dude:

I've lived in Boston my entire life, and I can count on one hand the number of times I've been out in the harbor. Twice. Yes, that's right. Once as a girl scout, when we took the ferry to George's Island for the day. TAnd once, a couple of months ago, when I chaperoned a Harbor Cruise for some patients at the rehab facility where my friend Julie works.

So I was like a total tourist on this cruise. It's amazing the parts of your city that you don't even realize exist:

Even more exciting than the free booze and food was rockin' out on the top deck, under the stars, while planes headed for Logan airport swooped dangerously close:

I wonder why there isn't a budget version of the Harbor Cruise where people can just go out, drink and dance on the open sea. Like a floating nightclub. Why has no one thought of this? I know you can charter these boats for private functions, or book a ticket for the regular evening dinner cruise -- which I'm sure is a much more sedate affair. Grandparents and anniversary couples and tourists, etc. But it would be great if, for like a $20 cover, you could go our for 3 or 4 hours, sail around the harbor, and just dance the night away. People pay good money to ride those party buses all around town -- wouldn't a party boat be a thousand times cooler?!

Sigh. If I had the capital, I'd launch my own "booze cruise line". It'd have a sexy pirate wench logo. And the boat would be really cool looking. And it'd be awesome.

Any wealthy investor types out there? Who wants in on this? You provide the boat -- I'll provide the off-the-wall business scheme! We'll be rich, I tell ya! Rich!

But for now -- back to my regularly scheduled life of poverty.

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