Thursday, July 9, 2009

where thrift goes to die

Where does a soon-to-be-unemployed girl like to spend her Tuesday nites? Why, the Taj Boston, obviously!

Visiting an out-of-town friend at his swank hotel address offered me one final peek at how the other half lives. Apparently, the other half is willing to pay five times the reasonable price for toast or bath products, if said goods / services are listed in a leather-bound menu printed in script-y font. Observe:

The Breakfast Menu. The "Arlington" is basically your standard continental breakfast: toast, jam, coffee, oj, fruit . . . all for the low, low price of $18!

Travelling with pets? No need to pack the Alpo. The Taj has its very own Pet Selections room service menu, where one can ordef Fluffy such delicacies as "pureed seared scallops and shrimp" . . . for $38. Please note that the $22 "warm milk and biscuits" are served in "appropriate petwear".

Cost of a "Make Way For Ducklings Bubble Bath" at the Taj Boston? $35.

Shutting up your little "Muffy" or "Snooks" for 20 minutes in the tub while you phone the concierge and check your portfolio? Still $35.

Naturally I was afraid to touch anything in the room for fear of being charged for it. Even the little chocolates left on the pillow . .. I pretty sure there's a gratuity tacked on to them, too.

Of course I had to give the Taj a little of my hard-earned cash. Behold, my $7.50 Sam Light. No worries, though -- I loaded my pockets with complimentary bar nuts and snack mix before hopping on the T and heading back to my sweet slum.

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