Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Hey yo, world!

As ya'll might have noticed, this blog has been awfully quiet lately. I've been wrapping my head around some big ol' life changes over the past few weeks. At times, I was not feeling quite so optomistic. Or blogger-y.

But now, it is the sparkly new month of July. Not that you would know it by looking out the window. Boston seems to be stuck in a perpetual state of November.

Anyway -- July is gonna be a very different month in the life of Tea Guarie. I have been officially cut free from the shackles of Corporate America (read, "laid off"). I am about to embark on a magical unemployment adventure -- and of course, you will all be able to follow along via the interwebs. Because I have no shame. And also -- a lot of free time.

A blog devoted exclusively to my "Life of Alternative Employment" is going to be launched soon. I'm not sure if this blog will eventually be combined with that one to create one superblog. As my friend Chelsee says, "seriously, how many blogs do you have?"

Lots. In fact, please to enjoy my latest internet-voyeur experiment, "The Cheerios Project", now listed in the handy link bar on your right!

In keeping with the theme -- July is going to be Thrifty Month here at One Girl, 12 Ways. Watch Tea attempt to formulate a budget, and devise clever cost-cutting measures and get-rich-quick schemes! It'll be pov-tastic!

See you in the soup line!

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