Saturday, August 1, 2009

one final freebie

Nothin' says summertime like listening to kickass music outdoors. For free.

Miz A and I hit up the FNX Best Music Poll free concert in City Hall Plaza. We got to check out Passion Pit and Metric, live and in person. It was awesome. Also awesome? The fact that is was seasonably warm and unseasonably not-muggy today.

Oh yeh -- and it was FREE.

So I think this has been my most successful month to date, in terms of adhering to the "blog theme". I have discovered that there are plenty of wacky, wonderful things to see / do / experience that don't involve $$ at all.

This is a vital lesson, as the first unemployment check has still not arrived.

And now -- on to August! Let's see if I can continue riding this wave of success.

Stay tuned.

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