Friday, January 23, 2009

red-headed stepchild

As I think I've mentioned (several times) . . .my day-to-day life is not very exciting. Get up. Sit in cube. Go home. Do errands. Watch tv. Sleep. Repeat.

I thought maybe a new hairstyle would jumpstart my "rockstar" vibe.


(Note: hair actually much redder than it may appear)

I've been going to Liquid Hair Studios for awhile now -- and its everything you could ever want in a "hair studio". Check it:

My stylist, Sara, is like a punk rock fairy-godmother. I love her. I walked in the door and was basically like, "please give me something bright and badass for this long, miserable winter!" and she was all, "Aye, aye capt'n!" And then I sat in a chair and ate Truffle Hershey Kisses and read Spin while she worked her magic.

Right now, hair has been blow-dried into this flippy bob situation, which I enjoy for its retro-ness. But it will work just as well in its usual bed-headed glory. Tres chic.

It's amazing what a new 'do can do. I am definitely feelin' more sass-tastic and exciting today. Maybe because its Friday. Or maybe because I'm a redhead again.

Redheads get away with so much shit. I discovered this when I first started coloring my hair. At the height of my distingusihed barista-ing career, I found I could pretty much make fun of customers to their faces -- and somehow, I got away with it. I think the firey locks helped. Or maybe it was the fact that I'd call everyone "Honey," even as I was messing with their latte.

Be kind to your barista. She has the power to give you decaf.

Ah, well. At least my hair has been rocked out this month . . . even if the rest of me has been too busy hibernating.

Happy Friday, people!


  1. It looks totally kickass in the photo, I can't wait till we hang out again so I can see it in person!

  2. your hair looks adorable! i can't wait to see you -- let's make plans for a recession-style get-together asap! also, thanks for spreading the word about barista kindness... if only everyone understood...