Thursday, January 29, 2009

better things are coming

So, January is almost over. Was it good for you, baby?

No, actually . . . January kinda sucked. As it often does.

There were a few highlights . .. we got a new president who is not intent on destroying mankind. The new series Toddlers and Tiaras premiered on TLC. I managed not to break a limb on the icy sidewalks of death.

I am learning to appreciate the little things.

I have not become a rockstar.

Maybe I have started to adopt an attitude of “I don’t care, world! I’m doin’ my own thing!” . . . but have I really started doing my own thing? This month, I spent a lot of time huddled in my apartment, hiding from the cold.

If I am so easily defeated by the weather . . . how will I ever take on The Man?

This was probably not a good theme for the first month of the year. Too vague. Too easily shrugged off. Maybe I should have stuck with the rest of America and vowed to lose 10 pounds.

Except I haven’t done that either.

I have been reading a lot of blogs lately -- mostly at work. In an effort to improve the quality of this venture, I’ve made some notes on what makes for compelling blog-reading:

1. Daily (or near-daily) updates. This seems to be the crucial ingredient for building a regular blog readership. If people can depend on a new post every day, reading your blog will become part of their daily routine. Never mind if your posts are mostly, “Hi world – today I made oatmeal and washed my kitchen floor!” . . . if you are consistent in recording the banalities of your day to day existence, people like myself (with equally boring lives) will read it. The Circle of Boredom has no end!

2. Be someone people either love to hate, or want to befriend. I enjoy reading the blogs of people I believe are dorks / tards / a-holes almost as much as I like reading the blogs of people I think are super-cool. I guess the key is to be a real person. Even if your real personality happens to suck.

3. Get a gimmick. Even if it’s as basic as: “I’m gonna document all my meals/ outfits / craft projects.” Or, “Every Tuesday, I’m gonna write about fashion, and every Thursday I”ll write about world politics.” Having guidelines makes it easier to come up with crap to say on a daily basis (see #1).

So . . . I guess my gimmick is that I’m attempting to revamp one tiny area of my life each month . . . in a very non-commital, abstract-y kinda way.

Step #2 – I need to post more. Even when I have nothing to say.

Step #3 – You can love me or hate me, bitches! I don’t care! (my attitude adjustment goal for January might be working after all.)

Since February is a short month, it’ll be the perfect time to up the posting ante to once daily. Even if the post is a giant photo of me weeping -- it counts.

I have also picked my theme for February. It is both predictable, and . . . not. It will require more definite action on my part, at any rate. Let’s see if it’s more successful than my half-hearted attempts at throwing off the shackles of my down-trodden, worker-bee lifestyle.

I can’t wait for Groundhog Day.

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