Tuesday, January 5, 2010

ten for '10

A new decade, a new adventure, a new blog layout! I'm fairly certain that the image blogger has randomly superimposed into this template is the Boston Public Garden, yes? Or is it one of the many other "monuments to men on horses" that exist all over the world? Whatever -- I'm choosing to believe it is a photo of my hometown, and therefore this template was designed especially for moi!

So - I didn't have the heart to scrap all the "One Girl, 12 Ways" biz from 2009. Even though my efforts to improve myself with monthly themes didn't work out so well -- I feel like it should stand as a monument to a strange, transition year in my life. RIP, 2009 - Viva 2010!

You may have noticed a small addition to the blog title. That's because -- drumroll please --

I've been accepted to the Simmons Grad School of Library Science!

I'm trying not to let the word "science" scare me too much. The word "library" counteracts the traumatic memories of high school Chemistry.

School officially starts in May, which means I've got a few months to clear the cobwebs out of my head, figure out a job situation and prepare myself for being a full-time student once again. Fortunately, I enjoy school -- so much, in fact, that my goal is now to work in an academic-type setting for the rest of my days. No more late-night deadlines, no kissing CEO ass, no blah-blah-blah corporate bottom lines. No more gray, windowless cubicles! Bring on some dusty, windowless bookshelves!

So this year, the blog is gonna be a lot less "theme-y" and a lot more . . . "life-y"? A humorous peek into Tea's wacky world, and a place to record all my little adventures.

Also -- there will be lots of book reviews.

So, its time to list my 10 Completely Achievable Goals for 2010. Lets not dwell on the fact that I "achieved" very few of my 2009 Goals. A new year -- a clean slate. Here we go:

10 Completely Achievable Goals for 2010
1. Go to Grad School
2. Get a new couch / pull up nasty-ass carpeting in my apt
3. Keep my nails painted and not let them get all chipped and gross
4. Do yoga. Regularly. For real!
5. Learn to play an instrument so our amazing band, T&A, will take off (tambourines count, people -- we're talking "achievable" goals here!)
6. Run / jog / briskly walk a 5k
7. Volunteer at 826 Boston
8. See all the Academy Award nominated movies ( i need to get on this, like, now)
9. Write something -- short story, screenplay, lyrics for amazing T&A songs . . .
10. Go to the beach, again!

Ha! I don't know how "achievable" some of those are . . . considering last year I didn't manage to "wear eyeliner everyday" or "do my dishes with some semblance of regularity". But we'll see . . . even if I semi-achieve half of these things, I'll be living a productive life. So get on my ass, friends -- remind me to start running / volunteering / movie-watching.

It's gonna be a hell of a year, folks -- get ready!


  1. Congratulations! Three cheers for grad school!! I got in as well, lady! I'm just seeing if i can actually muster up the funds. I was meant to start in January but I've deferred for now. Perhaps one day we will have our own wacky sitcom about two lady librarians making awesome in the great state of MA.

  2. yessss!!! i'm starting in may, and have pretty much resigned myself to student loan debt for the rest of my life -- but our wacky librarian sitcom could pay that back posthaste :) if you join me in the fall, we could be homework buddies! with sexy glasses!

  3. So I'm, totally down for a 5k walk...no running yet. Maybe we can work our way up to that. Whatcha think?

  4. lol -- i am no where close to runnin' 5k either, unless there's a bear chasing me! but we've got at least 4 months til acceptable outdoor running weather -- that's plenty of time to build up some stamina! are you still a member of the illustrious gold's gym of somerville?

  5. Sadly, I gave it up. I figured after a year of membership and exactly 10 visits, each visit cost me $30. Not what one could call a cost effective fitness plan. Sure you're not up for some outdoor walking?

  6. i'm always down for outdoor walkin'! i was hoping i could also lure you into trying a yoga / zumba class with me at the gym, as a guest maybe? i'm a little afraid to show up alone to make an ass of myself the first time!

  7. I don't zumba for nobody!

    Ok maybe I'll zumba. What the heck is a zumba? How about a walkabout this weekend? We can pick a path that includes at least one bookstore, ya?

  8. I'm loving the new 2010 blog! I've consulted my crystal ball and 2010 will be Tarryn's big year. I would love to try a 5k with you (it is one of my resolutions), as well as zumba. My little brother says it's "the new thing" and he is trying to get zumba certified. Let us know when the carpet ripping party is!

  9. yay -- thanks caitlin! i am definitely going to need some fitness buddies this year! a friend of mine from Wilmington is obsessed with Zumba and says its super fun and a kickass workout, so I totally wanna try it! being the uncoordinated goofball that i am, i'm a little intimidated to hit up a class by myself the first time :)

    Shan, Zumba is some like this aerobics/dance-class style workout thing, with a name designed to hide the fact that it's exercise. clever, eh?

  10. I fully support the learning an instrument and lyric writing! (I support the other's too, but T&A has the chance to make us MILLIONS!)

  11. Hurray for resolutions! You should write a screenplay and I'll make it into a movie. Then you're year will be complete with joining a band (earning you tons of cool points) and becoming a screen writer (taking away all of those cool points).