Monday, January 11, 2010

hit the ground running (or in my case, walking)

How is it already 7:30pm? Funny, how time flies when you're out being productive! I've gone a whole day without watching a single episode of Real Housewives of Orange County or Teen Cribs. And I don't even miss it. Much.

So, what have I been doing with my valuable daytime tv watching time? I'm glad you asked!

Today was my inaugural day of "volunteering" at the Cambridge Public Library!

Volunteering is in quotes because, while there is no official volunteer program / position for me at this time, my library administrative coordinator contact (a friend of my dental hygienist) has offered to give me projects on an as-needed basis. She's also going to pass my name along to the Friends of the Library committee, to see if I can help with any of their upcoming programming. She is hopeful that by the fall, when I'm officially in school full time, there will be more opportunities to work with the library on a regular basis. Can we say boo-yeh?

The reason the CPL is in such chaos is because they've just moved into a brand spankin' new building. It is squeaky-clean-wonderful-gorgeous. My time spent slaving under a regime of architects who specialized in "light-filled, community gathering spaces" gives me a special appreciation for the library's awesome new layout. Sunny reading areas. A Harry Potter-esque study room in the refurbished historic wing. An amazing new "Teen Lounge." Man, I love this place!

I am a dork.

But I don't care!

So yeh, I didn't get to do anything really "librarian-y" today. Which is fine, because I have not yet begun my official librarian training. Instead, I got to put together brochure packets that pimp the awesomeness of the new library. Needless to say, I read a lot of brochure packets while I worked.

Fortunately, reading is encouraged at the library.

True confession time -- I love collating. It's true. When I'm not under a major deadline, I find repeatedly bundling massive piles of papers in specific order extremely relaxing. My imagination wanders. I think about my life, and if it would make a good sitcom. I think it has potential. Especially if I could somehow finagle it so all my friends had apartments in my building. Then we could make a reality-sitcom. A reali-com? A Doc-com?

Then I start thinking about what the theme song to my reality-sitcom would be . . .

And poof -- three hours later, I'd created 500 new brochure packets! And the library staff was amazed at my collation stamina! It's a win-win!

As payment for today's efforts, I was given a little library freebie:

So here's hoping my library hook-up calls me back for more random fun at some point soon! Just being in the building, meeting people and doing random little housekeeping chores is a treat at this point -- and hopefully, will lead to bigger and better library adventures in the future!

The second half of my day was so mind-blowing, I think it deserves a post all its own. I'll give you a hint, though -- it involves sweat, guidos, and risk-taking of both the physical and financial sort.

Any guesses?


  1. This was only half your day??? Wow! The CPL sounds like the perfect place for you. Where is their new spot? What happened at your training sesh?????

  2. Yo Tea! If the Cambridge library doesn't get back to you, my mom's head of AV at the Northeast Branch of the Atlanta library. She'd hook you up.