Monday, May 11, 2009

mmmmm . . . may.

Holy crap, its May!

Now that the sun is shining, birds are singing, green things are growing . . . I have been busy! During the “hibernation months” I forget how nice it is to leave the house. Oh, Spring. Never leave me.

I gotta admit, I don’t really have a “theme” for the month of May. I’m still workin’ on the comedy, still trying to be more friendly and funky in my day-to-day life. I was looking back through some of my earlier posts, and found my List of Completely Achievable Goals for 2009. I’ve been a little lacking on some of my goals. Surprise, surprise.

Since Spring is a time of “rebirth”, it seems like a good time to resurrect these bad boys. In fact, I’ve been consciously working on “Not Dieting” for the past couple weeks. Perhaps my success / failure in this seemingly idiot-proof task would be a good blog-topic for May? Do you guys really wanna read about my bizarre-o relationship with food?

Sure you do. Because everyone loves food. And every loves hearing about other people’s weird phobias and hang-ups. Put the two together – you’ve got yourself an Insanity Sandwich!

This might also be a good time for me to resurrect my food blogging project – see the sidebar. I’ve been trying to make some headway in the kitchen for awhile – hell, I even bought a cookbook. But up until now, the pressing need to document every morsel I put in my mouth and all the sordid nutritional stats has made the whole “lets play in the kitchen!” concept really daunting. But no more. I have not written down a single thing I’ve eaten so far this May . . . and I don’t weigh 200 pounds yet.

Miracles do happen!

So May is all about bellyin’ up to the kitchen table and learning to not freak about food / fat / body-image crap. LOL – the month of May might need to be 48 weeks longer than it actually is. But whatever – one meal at a time, people!

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