Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Sigh. If only I could be as obsessive about writing in this blog as I am about reading / stalking other people's blogs.

It's true, I'm a blog-stalker. It has become part of my daily routine, to the point where I now check in on certain people's blogs as though I actually know them . . . which I don't. This is both weird / kinda creepy, and strangely satisfying and addictive -- much like a Real Housewives of NYC marathon.

A lot of the blogs that I follow religiously are food-blogs, so I thought that making May "foodie" month on this here blog would be easy. Turn on the stove, snap some photos of some meals, voila!

Not so, kids. Turns out . . . I don't cook much. I mean, I "cook" . . . in that I take previously raw ingredients and heat them to a temperature at which it is safe to consume them. But my food routine does not usually vary all that much -- and when it does, it is often not worth documenting. As in: "I got drunk and decided pizza at the bar, followed by a bagel and iced coffee at 1am would be a good food choice" . . . or "I'm currently really stressed about the volatile state of my life, and so I consumed an entire box of Weight Watchers latte bars in a 24 hour period". Boring, uninspired salads followed by random binges do not a foodie blog-post make. I fail. Forgive me.

I did do a fair bit of munching over the Memorial Day weekend, however! I spent the better part of my mini-break in the 'burbs at a friend's wedding -- which always makes for delicious nibbles. The favors were something my friend referred to as "Christmas Crack". I'm guessing her mom typically makes this stuff for the holidays . . . and it is, indeed, dangerously addictive -- the more sophisticated cousin to my old bark standby. I wish I had a photo to share . .. but sadly, it has all been consumed. Basically it was buttery squares of chocolate and pecans with a crushed saltine crust. Drool.

I came home yesterday in time for a cookout with the gang:

We all offered our best culinary contributions here -- sweet potatoes and mac n' cheese, meats, cocktails, homemade guac, a heavenly fruit salad with marshmallow that was like a decadent dessert (but "healthy", cuz there was fruit in it!) homemade Depression-era peanut butter cookies and snickerdoodles . . . and, of course, a very uninspired salad by yours truly. But, as with all things, its the company and not the menu that truly makes a meal. This weekend was the perfect kick-off to summer, and I can't wait for sunny days ahead -- no matter what the rest of my wacky life has in store.

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