Saturday, February 13, 2010


1. February is a short month.

2. As is customary with my magic-short-birthday month, I have been doing a lot of eating/drinking/partying!

3. Blogging, not so much.

4. I have seen lots of lovely bands:

5. I ate wondrous pomme frites while bicycles twinkled above me . . .

6. I hung out with the locals and watched J.Bo's karaoke-DJ destiny be fulfilled!

7. We also played darts . . .

8. Apparently, I have taken very few photos in the month of February. I must rely on stock-images from the internets!

9. But Libby did come over and take pictures of me for her photography school assignment. Hello, Libertine!

10. My apartment smells like springtime:

11. On my birthday, I had a lovely massage here:

12. The massage lady was very nice. Especially after I fell asleep on the table.

13. Chicken and waffles changed my life!!

14. You should all stop reading this blog and go, immediately, to Tupelo in Inman Sq. I'll wait for you to get back.

15. And while I'm waiting, I will think about how lame all the Superbowl ads were.

16. Except for the one with Betty White:

17. Chelsee and I have seen lots of movies, in preparation for the Oscars.

18. I love this girl:

19. This girl, too:

20. And speaking of Carey Mulligan, An Education sparked some serious "50's-style-retro" cravings. The cure?

21. Diners . . .

22. . . . and shopping for vintage goodies.

23. I found these old school menus, which will make lovely art for my kitchen . . .

24. I also found $600 Chanel pumps for $68!

25. But now it's time to get back on the bandwagon. Less shopping/partying/waffles, more job-hunting/FAFSA-filing/weight lifting!

26. I promise my next update will feature more words . . . and perhaps some wacky stories of my gym exploits. That's what the readers want, yes?

27. For now -- here's to my lucky year!

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